Onsite Clinic
We offer a full onsite service where we establish a staff clinic in accordance with required legislation. We place and manage an onsite nurse. Her services can incorporate Primary Health or Occupational Health or a combination of both.

Primary Health
This service includes dispensing of medicines onsite, as well as chronic condition monitoring. PLEASE NOTE this service requires the services of an onsite doctor as least 1 hour per week, according to legal requirement.

Legislative Compliance (Occupational Health)
This service includes staff medicals/medical surveillance, either as a once-off or annual service, and can be incorporated into the onsite service. Each industry has its own legislative requirement, and we can assist in establishing yours. This service is essential when companies have auditing systems such as ISO, HACCP, or NOSA in place. We form part of their requirement.

Workman’s Compensation Administration
Forms part of Onsite Service Responsibility. The nurse will manage all documentation and follow up.

Onsite staff medicals
The Occupational Health & Safety Act of 1995 has specific requirements regarding the safety of staff onsite, as well as their suitability for the job at hand.

We offer compliance medicals for all categories of staff. This is particularly important with SPECIAL CATEGORY WORKERS eg: forklift drivers, workers at heights, construction workers, and workers in extreme conditions.

Spirometry (Lung Function tests)
This service is available for industries that are deemed capable of causing damage to employees’ respiratory systems, such as mills(bakeries), and employees working with chemicals. It forms a essential part of medical screening and ongoing surveillance.

Audiometry (co-ordinated)
We do not offer this service directly, but will refer or co-ordinate as part of a holistic screening program. It forms an essential part of medical screening in work environments where the noise level exceeds 85 decibels.